Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mirror iPhone display to Glasses or Heads Up Display

Why isn't there a pair of glasses or a heads up display that you can mirror your smartphone display to? Right now I can mirror my computer or iPhone display to my TV, so why not to glasses?

You could type with your hands, but view the display on your glasses.
You would never have to look down to check email, texts, etc.

I am not saying that one cold drive that way, but if people are going to do it anyway we might as well make it safer.

(To take it one step further - when small heads up displays get good enough why have a monitor on a computer at all.  Yes that is a long way off for many reasons.)

http://www.vuzix.com/smart-glasses/  or google glass  or http://www.cnbc.com/id/101922790 sort of, but I think they missed the point. We don't want another interface to learn. We can use one hand on the phone. We just don't want to have to look down.

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