Friday, August 29, 2014

Solution to a Problem - Online Articles - people don't read the whole thing.

1) Cut out the noise - don't write for the sake of writing or for "content" People will go back to you to feed their "content" addiction and the need to constantly check something electronic, but in the long run your original quality will be lost and people will go away.  (Corollary - Ridiculous number of emails = junk mail- throw them away. If it is important they will call.)

Noise (my) examples:  
- reviews of equipment written by those who have never used the item. They just read the brochure
- "reviews" of movies and items that are really advertisements
- FYI emails
- Tweets
- 2hr movies that would have been great at 90 mins
- many textbooks

2) Write like a screenplay - efficient - fewer and better words

3) Intelligence is only PowerPoint deep. In the military we found that people who saw a PowerPoint presentation and rattled off "facts" tried to play themselves off as having a full understanding of the subject. We called them PowerPoint Rangers.
- People are reading very little and tweeting or forwarding the article to others who "might be interested" - to seem more intelligent.
- A good article is so rare as is in depth investigative reporting.
- We have become "experts" on things that we have never seen, used, or done

In a world governed by ads and clicks - we need to push back and find the real gems out there and make sure people who are hungry get them - and read them. Don't sell out for ads. Integrity. Choose your words carefully.

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